Inspirational author, workshop facilitator, empowering speaker, Certified John Maxwell Team Member and dedicated advocate for girls and women, my spoken message of female empowerment serves as a catapult, reliably enabling listeners to create, nurture, and transform every facet of their personal and professional lives.

What do I have to share when speaking?

My mindset mastering message is always down-to-earth, reliably relatable, refreshingly motivating and realistically inspiring when I’m sharing my experience, all while focusing on the TRUTH! (even if/when it hurts us to hear it) Past audiences include elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional conferences, non-profit organizations, and numerous faith-based conferences. My words are hard-earned and plain-spoken because I believe that everything we need is already inside of us.

Signature Topics include-

• GROWing Through Life
• Self-Sabotage: The Silent Killer
• H.E.A.L. (Heal/Examine your Energy/Affirm/Live and Let Go) and Rise Up
• The Disappearing Woman
• Think Big, Start Small™: How to Thrive in Life, Love & Career

I’m also and always eager to prepare a customized talk on any personal development, and/or girls and women empowerment topic for any specific event or function.


Current Speaking Fee Schedule- $1000 Keynote Speaker $750 Workshop/Breakout Session or Panel